Digital Trainees

The FutureYou Academy is a training programme designed to teach specific skills which are much needed in the Digital Media & Advertising industry because it is growing so quickly.  The difference between this course and others is that it teaches day-to-day practical digital media competencies - it's not just a big picture overview. The aim is to give you pre-trained, plug and play resource to alleviate pressure on your teams from day 1. Watch this video for a quick overview:

The Programme

We hand select small groups of students through our partnership with the University of Auckland. and put them through a training programme to groom them for the industry. The programme started in September 2016, we've had 3 intakes and we've gotten most of them successfully into employment. Here's what Allanah Tatana, GM of KBR Digital has to say:

  • "From an employer’s perspective hiring someone fresh out of the FutureYou Academy is a no brainer. The Academy sets their students up for success by teaching them the foundations of the digital world so they can easily slot in to your business ready to take on the challenges of daily work life. We hired Richard after he attended the course and he is an invaluable team member. He has been in our business for 8 months and is hungry, motivated and super smart."

We prepare our trainees for these types of entry-level roles in Publishers, Agencies or Marketing Departments:

  • Junior Sales Coordinator  
  • Junior Planner  
  • Campaign Manager 
  • Programmatic Manager
  • Search Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator

Four Competencies

Our training aims to develop four basic competencies:

  1. Digital maths
  2. Analysing reports and optimise campaigns 
  3. Campaign Management
  4. Programmatic systems and technologies

The course is delivered via our online school and weekly face-to-face workshops. Trainees you employ from the Academy will retain access to the online material for 3 months after they start.

Partnership with the University of Auckland

FutureYou has a special relationship with the University of Auckland where many of our trainees come from. They see value in working actively with industry to transition students from academic learning to on-the-job skills. They contribute to the FutureYou curriculum leading 3 of the 12 workshops focussing on soft skills that are so vital to modern day working life. To see the course curriculum please click here.

We don't just consider graduates

As well as working closely with tertiary, we also understand that for various roles in the industry, a qualification is not a prerequisite for success. FutureYou is part of TalentNZ, an initiative lead by the ASB/KPMG Strategic Insights Panel. As part of this, we will consider applicants who do not have tertiary qualifications but can demonstrate the right skills, aptitudes and attitude for the industry.

Grooming further for your business

In addition to the training there is an opportunity to incorporate induction material for your business should you employ a trainee. This can be done between when their contract is signed and their start date so they are as familiar with things such as your brands, clients, structures, services, systems etc by the time they commence with you as possible. We can work with you you to create, host and facilitate it. Again, the aim is to have trainees as primed for your business as possible.

Post-employment support

We offer support to our trainees during their first 3 months with your business to address any knowledge gaps and assist them in assimilating into the industry. We also seek feedback from partners to help improve the course on an ongoing basis. We've also created an Alumni group so that trainees can connect, share knowledge and attend special events.

The People

Our trainees are fantastic people. They are passionate, willing to work hard, motivated and have an active interest in digital marketing through experience and / or study. We wouldn't present them to you if we wouldn't employ them ourselves. 

Become a Partner

If you are a partner you can select and interview any of our trainees further and put them through your own recruitment process. If you wish to employ one then you can do so through a simple fee. Other than that there is no up front cost or obligation to you at all. Contact us for more information on how to become a partner.