Skill Goals

Each week trainees are given graded tests on the subjects above. The pass mark is 80% or higher. These are typical questions we expect them to be able to answer:

  • What value do you get if you multiply clicks by CPC, then divide by bought impressions and multiply by 1000?
  • The full rate card CPM price is $32 and the discount is 21%. The commission rate offered to the agency is 10% however the agency is entitled to charge the client 20% commission by marking up the net media cost. What CPM does the client get charged?
  • A buyer in an agency goes to sign an insertion order (IO) to a publisher for $5600. Unfortunately they do not notice that the price is net and does not include 20% commission. How much money do they stand to lose?
  • What are 3 correct formulas for marking up $5544 by 20%?
  • What is the new technical standard for display and mobile creative formats according to the IAB's Display Advertising Guidelines?
  • What is the IAB definition for a viewable banner ad impression (non video)?
  • What is the piece of software a Trading Desk might use to buy programmatic advertising?

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